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CMH Fibreglassing provides commercial building industry with on-site waterproofing that is fast and effective with a 10 year guarantee on most projects.

Water leaks in multi-story buildings are an ongoing problem for most construction companies and can be expensive and time consuming to repair.

Waterproofing is currently achieved with membranes that are slow to cure, messy and very easy to apply incorrectly. Our system is applied in one day  and planter boxes or ponds can be filled the following day.

We have currently completed four large jobs for ICON constructions in Burnley St, Richmond, Claremont St, South Yarra, Albert St, Melbourne and Chapel St, South Yarra waterproofing the planter boxes on different levels as seen in the adjacent pictures.

Currently we are working in Victoria St, Richmond installing  planter box inserts onsite for ICON constructions and waterproofing an internal courtyard as seen below.







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